Exxon Mobil Corporation, Chevron Corporation, BP plc: High Debt And Low Profitability Continue To Haunt Majors

The energy sector has long been a lucrative sector for all stakeholders. Oil and gas exploration and refining operations have always offered attractive returns and have been one of the favorite industries for investors. Things have changed drastically in the last two years. The US shale boom revolutionized the world with advance hydraulic fracturing techniques … Read more

Microsoft Corporation Backs Out From Slack Acquisition

The tech giant has withdrawn from $8 billion bid for the messaging app after board opposition Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) is known for its Windows OS but that is not the only thing it excels in. Messaging through Skype is another area of expertise and the company now wants to heavily rely on the popular … Read more

Tesla Model X Pre-Orders Cross 30,000 Units

Prior to the launch, Tesla has received a substantial amount of global reservations for the SUV. Ahead of the launch of its first sports utility vehicle (SUV), the Model X, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) has already received a large quantity of pre-orders for the vehicle from around the globe, according to data collected by Tesla … Read more

Is Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Mobility A Future Prospect Or Morgan Stanley’s Fantasy?

I believe that Morgan Stanley’s projections of Tesla entering another industry look more like a fantasy than a future prospect Shared mobility, an emerging concept comprising of shared transportation services among users, has been buzzed in recent weeks, following a report by Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas. Mr. Jonas raised the price target for the disruptive electric vehicle … Read more

SolarCity Corp Gets a Boost Thanks to NV Energy

SolarCity Corp Gets a Boost Thanks to NV Energy In a turn of events, NV Energy sides with SolarCity on net-metering rulesSolarCity’s fate has taken yet another turn. NV Energy which was earlier accused of being the only beneficiary of new net-metering rules, has announced in a press release on January 25, that it would … Read more

Apple Watch Reviews And A Decline In Sales

Most analysts agree Apple has created a wonderful product in the Apple Watch, but it is not essential to our lives. Apple Watch was possibly the hottest tech product when it was launched, and was slated to become the next great innovative product introduced by the tech giant, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). However, a recent report … Read more

BP Plc Is facing a Trilemma

Merrill Lynch has downgraded BP to an Underperform rating, and price target has been reduced to 330p on the basis of three important considerations Merrill Lynch has downgraded BP plc (ADR) (LON:BP) to an Underperform rating. Big oil is facing a three-legged “trilemma” in accordance with the need to maintain dividend, credit rating and its reserve basis. … Read more